Our Story

How We Got Started

It all began in Kenya during the summer of 2019 when Nashipai Founder, Jenny Behrens, traveled with a group of high school students from Minnesota for work. As she supported the community in the construction of a new health clinic in Entonent, Jenny became close friends with the Maasai women, especially Jenipher. A powerful connection formed, and relationships were nurtured. During the farewell party, beneath the shade of a majestic acacia tree, the Maasai women asked if she could help them sell their beautiful jewelry abroad. Without a moment's hesitation, Jenny wholeheartedly agreed. This pivotal moment marked the inception of Nashipai.

Nashipai was born from the vision of creating a platform that would not only offer fair wages and opportunities to skilled jewelry makers but also give back to their local community in Kenya. Today, Nashipai has expanded and now partners with women in Nairobi and India.

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