Our story began in the summer of 2019 in Kenya, a memorable adventure that led Nashipai's founder, Jenny Behrens, to travel alongside a group of high school students from Minnesota. Tasked with supporting the local community in constructing a new health clinic in Entonent, Jenny formed deep bonds with the Maasai women, notably Jenipher. Amidst shared experiences and mutual support, a profound connection blossomed. The culmination of this journey was marked under the expansive shade of an acacia tree during a farewell gathering, where the Maasai women presented Jenny with a heartfelt request to bring their exquisite jewelry to the global market. Jenny's immediate and enthusiastic agreement laid the foundation for what Nashipai is today.

Since those early days, Nashipai has expanded its mission beyond the borders of Kenya, partnering with three women's groups not only there but also in India, fostering growth and continued collaboration.

Jenny Behrens: Founder

Women Entrepreneurs in Entonent


At the heart of Nashipai's operations is a commitment to social responsibility. We ensure fair wages for all the women entrepreneurs we collaborate with, adhering to the standards set by the Global Living Wage Coalition for both rural and urban Kenya, as well as rural India. Our model removes barriers to entry, providing paid training and necessary supplies to our partners. Importantly, we guarantee that by the time any product is dispatched, the entrepreneurs have already been compensated for their invaluable craftsmanship and effort. Through these practices, Nashipai not only champions the creation of stunning, unique beaded pieces but also cultivates a force for good, empowering women and communities with every piece sold.

Mercy: Lead Designer in Nairobi 

Acacia Tree where Nashipai Started